Iron Mountain Speak Up : A Data Inventory Prevents Nasty Surprises
Iron Mountain Speak Up : A Data Inventory Prevents Nasty Surprises

May 25, 2018 is like a black cloud hanging over many companies. On this day, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes the law of the land in the European Economic Area (EEA). By then, all organizations must have updated their procedures to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.

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Environment Agency

Topics: Improve efficiency / productivity | Records management

Established in 1996 to help protect and improve the environment, the Environment Agency (EA) is an executive non-departmental public body. Employing around 10,600 people in offices throughout England, its responsibilities include regulating major industry and waste, conservation and ecology, flood defence, water quality and resource, and the treatment of contaminated land.

Cork Ireland
Cork University

Cork University Hospital (CUH) is the largest university teaching hospital in Ireland and the only Level 1 Trauma centre in the country, with a presence of over 40 different medical and surgical specialties on campus.

Coca-Cola Enterprises

Topics: Paper to Digital

The biggest global beverage company, Coca-Cola® is also one of the most powerful worldwide brands. The iconic red and white logo is recognised by 94 per cent of the planet’s population. Coca-Cola has been on sale in France since 1919 and, today, the country is one of the company’s primary markets in Europe.