Information Has A Life Of Its Own

Topics: Outsourcing Records Management | Paper to Digital | Records management

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Managing Your Information Is A Complex Challenge...

Many organisations are weighed down by their physical and electronic ‘paperwork’. Organising, securely storing and disposing of sensitive information – while making it available for instant access – is a complex task.
Getting it right involves significant resources and is increasingly difficult as legal requirements become more rigorous. Getting it wrong can have expensive consequences.

...There Is A Simple Solution

Iron Mountain can work with you to manage this challenge. We provide high-level security for your paper and digital information, and support your drive for sustainability and cost savings. A leading provider of outsourced information management, our services bridge the gap between physical and digital files. We offer practical advice to solve complex information management challenges for organisations like yours around the world.

Integrated Information Management

Our end-to-end services take care of your information at every stage, applying an integrated approach to records in both physical and digital formats.

Solutions Tailored To Match Your Needs

Our information management services are built around four key product areas. We will work with you to deliver a customised solution that fits seamlessly into your day-to-day operations and delivers exceptional value.

Physical Information Management

Secure and compliant storage and retrieval of all your paper documents and tapes in 115 facilities across the UK.

  • Classification and retention according to industry regulations
  • Flexible access in paper or electronic format
  • Secure transport of all records and tapes
  • Tape-based recovery services for disaster response

Scanning And Digitising

Conversion of your most active and business-critical paper documents into digital formats – intelligent scanning based on your unique requirements.

  • Bulk scanning of archived documents
  • Same-day scanning as part of your workflow
  • On-demand scanning of physical records stored with us
  • Access via secure, web-based portal
  • Fast and distributed access

Digital Information Management

Consistent protection of digital data to mitigate risk and compliance violations, no matter where it resides – on servers, PCs, laptops or in email.

  • Secure and automated online back-up and digital archiving
  • Accessible cloud storage services
  • Content-sensitive automated classification extends compliance to PCs and laptops
  • Easy-to-use e-discovery solutions for comprehensive litigation support

Secure Destruction

Highly secure destruction of your information to give you peace of mind.

  • Compliant and cost-effective shredding services
  • Periodic and one-time shredding
  • Environmentally friendly – all shredded material gets recycled
  • Scheduled, automatic end-of-life deletion of digital files

A Partner You Can Trust

Our clients range from small legal practices, health authorities and government departments right up to the world’s largest banks, global oil and technology companies.
Whatever your size or sector, we offer the same excellent service built on the following key principles.


For over 58 years, we have been the trusted partner of companies large and small, delivering customised solutions from more than 1000 facilities across the globe.


With highly secure facilities, vetted teams and optimised processes, our standards mean your information – and your customers’ information – is always in safe hands.


Our strength and depth of knowledge is embedded within our people, processes and technologies.
We understand the regulations and compliance challenges of different industries and geographies. This enables us to support you in getting the most from your information assets while reducing costs and promoting the mitigation of risks.

Customer Focus

Our unwavering commitment to service excellence gives you 24-hour support every day of the year – through our online portal or our dedicated Customer Helpdesk.


By helping you reduce the amount of information you need to keep, and maintaining a policy of recycling all shredded documents, we can help you fulfil your own company’s sustainability commitments.

“ In working to understand DEFRA ’s objectives and the individuals within the department, Iron Mountain has a real grasp of the opportunities open to us. They are always suggesting new ideas to help us to maximise efficiencies and their expertise means they can deal with the large workflows DEFRA produces.”
Mike Kaye, Head of Archive Services, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
  • Over 85% of FTSE 100 companies and 140,000+ organisations in 39 countries choose Iron Mountain to manage their records
  • We protect 448 million cubic feet of paperwork. That’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium more than 10 times
  • We look after 10 billion emails and 2.5 million PCs

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Alternatively, you might like to arrange a visit to one of our facilities to truly get a feel for what we mean by worldleading information management.
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