Learn how a Records Management Solution from Iron Mountain helped Holland & Knight LLP realize a savings of approximately 9 million, and deploy an information governance policy.


My name is Donnie Walden and I am the director of Facilities Management Services with the law firm of Holland & Knight LLP.

We are continuously striving to evaluate various ways to improve efficiencies and cut costs. We integrated all of that effort with Iron Mountain's work order system through the invoice processing with Iron Mountain. We actually have integrated a bill-back program to the clients for certain expenses which allows us to track the profitability of the client in the manner. We now have gone to an electronic billing system with Iron Mountain that has improved the efficiencies for the processing of those invoices from an excess of 30 days to within a week.

Holland & Knight LLP has multiple services with Iron Mountain. The primary benefit of having all of the services with one vendor, it allows us the continuity to establish a program. We've really fostered more of a team and a partnership as opposed to just a vendor relationship.

We have reduced our risk by having all of our information with one vendor from utilizing Iron Mountain services. It positioned us as a firm to be able to deploy an information governance policy. That policy covered many areas within a firm including the matter intake from incoming attorneys to parting attorneys, records, management staff procedures. Holland and Knight has realized a savings of approximately 9 million dollars in real estate cost avoidance, record storage, record process including the soft values of efficiencies within the firm.

Most recently, we have chosen to digitize all of our HR records as a starting point and we are utilizing Iron Mountain services for the scanning and uploading of those documents.

At the very beginning of the evaluation process, one of the things that we definitely identified was there was no true mechanism to track and manage the real cost associated with records. We have become more proactive in engaging our client in terms of the utilization and the storage of their client files. By doing that, we have opted to include this information on the engagement letter.

We have also deployed, in addition to our information governance policy, we have deployed a matter centricity program that allows us to track and manage electronic content regardless of what repository those documents reside in that allow us to track and trend our expenses associated to the various accounts. Iron Mountain allowed us to create a consistent information governance program primarily due to the fact that all of our records management asset holdings were in one repository with one vendor as opposed to across multiple platforms.

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