Watch this video to learn how to reduce the cost and frustration of producing data from your archival backup tapes.


Mergers, acquisitions and IT infrastructure changes have left you with multiple legacy tape backup systems and catalogues taking up valuable data centre space and consuming significant resources.

And the need for aging technology required to support those catalogues is placing a growing burden on today’s tightened budgets.

But managing infrastructure is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to risk. Without a clear view of your data, you can’t ensure you’re compliant with your retention programme putting your organisation at risk of fines and brand damage.

In a perfect world, you’d retire all of your legacy backup infrastructure and outsource the management of your archive tapes.

Iron Mountain’s Restoration Assurance Programme can make your perfect world a reality. With the Restoration Assurance Programme, we host your legacy tape catalogues, and you have a single interface for all of your data.

Your archival tapes are stored in one of our specially-designed, environmentally-secure facilities that maximises the shelf life of your backup media and manages to your retention programme.

Our streamlined programme allows you to respond easily, securely and cost-effectively to all your compliance and discovery requests.

Using the Iron Mountain Restoration Assurance Programme, you can finally retire your legacy tape backup hardware and software systems, and outsource the management of your archival tapes to a trusted partner.

And at the same time, you can:

  • Deliver savings
  • Manage data cost-effectively
  • Access data when you need it, and
  • Securely destroy data when it reaches end of life

Eliminate the frustration and protect what matters with the Iron Mountain Restoration Assurance Programme.