Information can build your business

And information risk can destroy it.

Are your business leaders aware of information risk? What are you doing to help them make the right decisions for your organisation?

Just 37% of European and 47% of North American businesses have a fully monitored information risk strategy in place

-Beyond good intentions – the need to move from intention to action to manage risk in the mid-market. A PwC report in conjunction with Iron Mountain

Information Economics is designed to maximise the potential in your records by building a consistent and collaborative foundation for your information management programme. Managing information risk is part of Information Economics and will help you to protect one of your organisation’s most important assets. Our latest guides will give you the resources and insight to improve the way you manage information risk. Whether you’re convinced paper is your biggest risk or you’re worried about people accidently or intentionally putting information in the wrong hands, our insight and suggestions can help you proactively manage information risk.

Information Economics eBook Chapter 3. What is the cost of ignoring information risk?

What information risks do you face? Chapter 3 of our Information Economics eBook looks at the scale of the risks you face, common misconceptions and your opportunities for change. If you need compelling reasons to improve the way your business manages information risk, you’ll find them in this chapter.

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Your Information Risk At-A Glance

Our latest research and advice on information risk all in one interactive place. Our At-A-Glance tells you where businesses go wrong with risk management and how you can correct your mistakes. Use it to make changes that could save your business from reputational and financial disaster.

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Getting it right from the start – the basics of risk preparation

Managing risk is all about having a plan and inspiring people at all levels of your organisation to share priorities and goals. Our guide will give you a blueprint for making information management a business-wide focus. From setting up a governance committee to developing targeted training, you can trust Iron Mountain for practical advice on developing policies and achieving adoption.

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