Is finding the information you need getting harder and harder? And are your customers tired of waiting for you to locate their information? Chapter 2 of the Information Economics eBook examines complexities and challenges connected to accessing information in the digital age. If you want insight into why digitising is essential to your business, you’ll find it here. Plus, we offer the research you need to convince senior managers just how important information management is to your organisation. Download the eBook

Information Economics will help you balance information cost, risk and value. Information is an asset – one that has a place on your bottom line. Our eBook can help you and your organisation reach your records and information goals.

What is Return on Information - Discover the Value in Your Records and Information

Overwhelmed by the information entering your business? What is Return on Information? can help you start to organise your information, make good storage choices and set the stage for an effective retention schedule.

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What to do before you digitise - A checklist for success

When you have fast and easy access to your information, you can speed up customer service and your teams can share important information. But how you prepare for digitising, can mean the different between success and failure. If a scanning project is on your horizon, you’ll want to download our checklist.

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Getting it right from the start - the basics of digitising

Digitising is all about determining your priorities and goals. This concise how-to guide will ensure you have a clear roadmap for your progress. Plus, we’ve included a few tips on preparing your paper for scanning.

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