Can your organisation extract value from its information?

Can your competitors do it better?

PwC in conjunction with Iron Mountain has created the first information value index. The index assesses the progress businesses have made in finding and using information’s value. Today, how well organisations manage information is a key differentiator – and many are concerned their competition does it better. Most have two potentially conflicting priorities: the first is security to protect against loss and breach; the second is value extraction.

Last year’s PwC Risk Index indicated that 83% of organisations now consider a return on information as a priority.

To create the index, 1,800 senior business leaders in Europe and North America were surveyed. We investigated:

  • information value awareness
  • priorities
  • governance, processes and culture
  • benefits of extracting value.

Our research shows that most businesses lack the skills, technology and culture to extract value from their information. But a small percentage of information elite are successfully extracting value from information to drive customer engagement, product innovation and a range of other benefits. For business leaders this is a call to action. Download the whitepaper now.


The Executive Summary delivers a clear and coherent synopsis of our research findings on extracting information value. From where businesses fall short to the importance of people and technology, we’ll take you through the highlights of our research and present our conclusions.


Our infographic gives you the highlights of our research. Download it now