The Paper Light Office

Paper light is the answer

The paper light office combines offsite document storage with intelligent record scanning and digitisation. It’s not the paper-free office promised in the 1970s, or the cluttered office of the past. It’s a business information management solution we created to give our customers the confidence of secure paper records management and the speed of digitised information.

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Paper light is heavy on efficiency, but light on storage space, cost and waste. It can increase information security, deliver savings and optimise the value you extract from your information. The results will help you stay compliant, improve customer service and keep piles of paper from cluttering up your office.

Read our whitepaper ‘The Paper Light Office – A roadmap to digitisation’ with facts, top tips and case studies that will help you improve your document and records management.

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In just a few minutes, our quiz will show you what you’ve already done to become a paper light office. We’ll also show you what more you can do to improve the way you manage records, scanning and information.

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