The rules and regulations of information management

Companies of all sizes need secure information management processes in place to avoid compliance and non-compliance costs. Stay in tune with the rules and regulations through the resources below.

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The rights of data subjects under the new GDPR | Iron Mountain
Practical Guidance and Expert Tips - The Rights of Data Subjects under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Topics: Compliance | Records management

GDPR is a significant piece of legislation that will affect anyone who handles the private information of EU citizens. From the public sector to pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions to retailers, businesses of all kinds and sizes will be effected. The GDPR standardises existing legislation across the EU and expands individuals’ rights over the personal data organisations hold. GDPR also introduces important new rights for data subjects such as the rights to erasure and data portability.

Data Privacy and Protection eBook|Iron Mountain
Data Privacy and Protection: 5 Insights from the Experts

Topics: Compliance | Data Management

Data privacy and protection is a hot topic at the moment—and why wouldn’t it be? With major data breaches in the news nearly every day, the privacy of personal and business information is on the minds of companies across the globe. This eBook gathers data privacy and protection insights from internal Iron Mountain experts, along with external experts on the subject.