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Pros and Cons of Centralised and Decentralised Records Centres | Iron mountain
Pros and Cons of Centralised and Decentralised Records Centres

Topics: Data Management | Records management

One of the most crucial decisions records managers have to make is whether their organisation's records centre should be centralised or decentralised; this is by no means an easy choice. Thankfully, this subject is not a new one in the field of records management. There are plenty of resources in the space to help records management professionals make the right choice for their organisation.

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Information Management Workbook

Topics: Risk resilience | Outsourcing Records Management | Improve efficiency / productivity

Looking for ways to save money? Keeping an eye on retention? What about compliance? This easy-to-use workbook takes you through four clear steps to improving the way you store, retain, manage and extract value from your information. It’s a tool you can tailor to your business and the challenges you face. Use it to uncover the costs of storing information. And then use it to discover how to build a new, highly effective strategy that will support digital transformation.