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Electronic records management for efficiency and data preservation

Convert your business’ stacks of paper to digital for quick data referencing, recovery and organization. Read about best practices for scanning and managing records, no matter what format or location.

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Paper Light Office | Iron Mountain Ireland
The Paper Light Office

Topics: Paper to Digital

As companies look to become more efficient, cost-effective and information secure, they are required to improve the way they manage and use these hard copy documents. Many businesses have developed a “hybrid” process, in which both digital and paper documents can co-exist.

BCH | Iron Mountain Ireland
Digital Files Enhance Child Welfare

Topics: Paper to Digital | Records management

Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (BCH) provides a full range of medical services for children and young people in and around the West Midlands. It’s one of the leading paediatric teaching hospitals in the UK and a recognised centre of excellence for children with cancer, cardiac, renal, and liver disease. It offers 220 beds with nine operating theatres, a 22-bed paediatric intensive care unit, and an emergency department dealing with over 45,000 cases annually.