Business information has huge potential value, but it is also subject to risks, costs and management challenges. Iron Mountain protects and stores documents for more than 140,000 organisations worldwide – more than any other company. We can take the challenges out of your hands, optimise the value of your data and reduce its exposure to cost and risk.

We help you manage rising storage, staff and administrative costs and help you stay compliant:

Document Storage
You pack your records, we collect and transport them to our secure facility. When you need them back, we return them. It's that easy.

Open Shelf File Storage
Active records, accessible file-by-file, but with all the advantages of an outsourced service.

Scanning and Digitising
Selective scanning can yield dramatic reductions in conversion costs while maintaining document access requirements.

Special Projects
Our records management professionals can provide the classification, indexing, purging, destruction and relocation services you need for your one-time projects.

Get compliant. Stay compliant.

A comprehensive compliance programme can proactively safeguard your physical and electronic records,­ shield you from unnecessary risk and help to control costs. With Iron Mountain you can expect:

  • Clarity on compliance regulations and what they mean for you
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced administrative and eDiscovery costs
  • Better control of business-critical records

Specialised Vault Storage

By maintaining the appropriate environmental conditions for long-term media storage, we can ensure its readability and integrity for decades. We offer a variety of private, shared and customised vaults with optimal preservation conditions for any type of media.

Our vault features include:

  • Multiple levels of security including 24/7 access control
  • Computerised transaction control systems that provide flexible access while maintaining the chain of custody
  • Environmental control systems tailored to the unique needs of different media, including paper, magnetic and optical media, film reels, colour documents and photographs
  • Advanced gaseous fire suppression systems that protect records without risking water damage
  • Climate-controlled vehicles for secure, dedicated transportation
  • BS5454 conditions suitable for storing historical documents

If you have specialised storage needs, such as preserving large volumes or materials needing special environmental controls, we can design and create a customised vault for your organisation.