Do business more easily with a technology escrow account

What if you could easily improve your customers’ confidence in licensing your technology?

When companies invest in technology, they are putting time and money into products and processes which may be critical to business success.

Having an Iron Mountain escrow account tells your customers that you appreciate their interest in protecting their technology investment, and that you value their business’s well-being.

Escrow Services provides you with an account into which intellectual property associated with licensed technology is deposited.

This intellectual property may include a wide range of materials, including:

  • Software source code and build instructions
  • Manufacturing instructions for bespoke products
  • Examples of manufactured products
  • Details of recipes or processes

Once you have an escrow account, you can easily add intellectual property for any new contracts to it.

Over 60,000 companies maintain control over their technology by using Iron Mountain’s Escrow Services. Discover how our solutions can help engender trust with your customers.