The Path to Compliance is an easy to follow three-part guide to staying on the right side of the data retention and document management regulations. Download these free ebooks to help you protect your data, stay compliant, and avoid reputational damage and financial penalties.

Part 1 – Measure and Benchmark your Information Risk
This first ebook gives you an overview of the challenges of compliance. It also offers you a unique opportunity to take a simple online questionnaire, enabling you to:

  • See how you rank against the rest of your industry
  • See how you score against other mid-market businesses in your country
  • See how you compare to the rest of Europe

Your score will be determined based on PwC and Iron Mountain’s European Risk Maturity Index, and you will receive a personalised report containing practical guidance to reduce your information risk.

Part 2 – Compliant Records Management
This second ebook provides practical advice to help you implement a records management programme that is compliant with EU data protection and document retention regulations.

Part 3 – Document Retention Regulations
In this third and final ebook of the Path to Compliance series, you can receive an overview of document retention periods within Europe.