You know information has value.

The question is, how can you extract it?

Information Economics will help you determine the best way to balance the risks, costs and value connected to your information. Many businesses mistakenly believe they are already finding and using the value in their information.

While three in four companies believe they are maximising the value of their archives, only 38% undertake the business analytics critical to driving additional revenue through better understanding markets and improving products, service delivery, and customer service.
- Seizing the information advantage:how organisation an unlock value and insight from the information they hold, PwC and Iron Mountain, 2015

Our advice and guidance will help you re-focus your plans and start using information to its full potential.

Information Economics eBook Chapter 5. How will future trends in information management affect my business?

Finding the balance between extracting value from your information and managing risk is a challenge. This eBook will help you find the optimal approach to compliance risk and value. A successful information management programme can help you set the stage for big data.

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Need a practical guide to extracting information value?

Getting it right from the start – the basics of extracting value from information is your go-to resource for promoting information as a business asset. It gives you clear, expert guidance on the steps your organisation should take to start treating information as a resource that can deliver competitive advantage.

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Just 4% of businesses are able to take full advantage of the value in their information. These businesses have the people, resources and tools that businesses need to exploit information fully and stay ahead of the competition. Learn how you can join them.

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