Information policy – what people don’t know about compliance can hurt them

How to inspire compliance in your organisation

It may seem like managing information isn’t at the top of anyone’s to-do list. In fact, information governance may not even be on the radar of your senior management.

“86% of records and information professionals in Europe feel their role is not completely valued by business leaders.” Overcoming the Disconnect Establishing shared ground between records managers and business leaders (Iron Mountain whitepaper, 2015)

The challenge information professionals face isn’t just how to establish good information governance, but how to make information policies a priority for everyone. From building an information governance board to training teams in the basics of information security, a good plan can help your organisation move forward. Our new guide to adopting company-wide information policies and easy-to-use elevator pitch slides will give you the start you need.

Information Economics eBook Chapter 4. How do I design a programme that works for our people and our business?

Information doesn’t just live in your systems. People across your business need to access it safely and responsibly. Our eBook shows you what the issues are and how you can ensure the people around you support you plans to make information a business asset.

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Getting it right from the start – the basics of adopting company-wide information management policies

This short guide gives you a clear set of steps to engage and involve people at every level of your organisation. Whether you need to talk with senior leaders about business priorities or find new ways to train different teams, Getting it right from the start – the basics of adopting company-wide information management policies will point you in the right direction.

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Elevator pitch – easy-to-use research and insight on information policy

Our PowerPoint slides are the ideal way to prepare for a meeting with senior leaders. They make the business case for universal policy adoption visually engaging. When you need new ideas to stand out, our

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