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Iron Mountain and Carbonite have joined forces to provide expanded data protection for businesses of all sizes. Iron Cloud powered by Carbonite offers solutions to enable your business in deployment of right form of protection for each type of your data. All within a single vendor and in a simple cost structure.

Available Iron Cloud powered by Carbonite solutions:


Iron Cloud powered by Carbonite can enhance your current data protection strategy with:
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Backup and recovery: keep your data secure and minimises downtime
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Flexible recovery options: choose from granular restore to rapid local failover

Workload migration: upgrade your hardware, virtualisation, switch hypervisors or move to, from and between clouds with near-zero downtime
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Broad platform support: leverage deployment flexibility and advanced encryption technologies


All businesses need a straightforward, complete backup and recovery solution that keeps data secure, minimises downtime and protects company operations. Iron Cloud Server is simple, all-in-one server protection for physical, virtual and legacy systems.

Deployed in your onsite environment, it stores copies on a local target and in the cloud or to a secondary location. Optional onsite hardware and cloud failover allow you to hit your RTO targets.

  • Simple, all-in-one solution: Secure local and cloud backup with optional, integrated hardware—all from a single vendor
  • Flexible recovery options: Rapid local VM failover and granular restore of files, folders and application data
  • Optional cloud failover: Offsite recovery of critical systems—with near-zero downtime
  • Extensive platform support: x86 and legacy systems including AIX, iSeries, HP-UX and Solaris
  • Minimised data loss: RPOs as low as 15 minutes and RTOs as low as 2 minutes
Iron Cloud Server Backup
Iron Cloud Server VM Edition is purpose-built for virtual environments. Protection is configured both onsite and in the cloud. This enables fast, flexible recovery of VM data in minutes. The solution is fully cloud-integrated, so there’s no need to procure additional cloud services. 
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Businesses looking to protect valuable data on laptops and other devices need to consider how widely distributed data has become due to greater workforce mobility. Iron Cloud Endpoint Backup, powered by Carbonite provides advanced protection for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

  • Flexible deployment options: Backup to the Iron Cloud, powered by Carbonite cloud, the public cloud, or onsite
  • Centrally managed backup: Automated, IT-controlled backups to a central location
  • QuickCache: Manages bandwidth consumption across distributed networks
  • Global location tracking: Locate and track lost or stolen endpoint devices
  • Deduplication: Powerful global deduplication of encrypted data
Iron Cloud Endpoint
Iron Cloud® Endpoint is engineered with central management and control features that simplify deployment while minimising disruptions.
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Iron Cloud Migrate quickly and easily migrates physical, virtual and cloud workloads with minimal risk and near-zero downtime. The simple, automated solution allows you to avoid lock-in to a specific hypervisor, cloud vendor or piece of hardware. The streamlined process automates and consolidates numerous steps into just a few simple tasks, reducing the amount of work and impact to your production workloads.

  • Any-to-any: Migrations between physical, virtual and cloud platforms
  • No lock-in: Avoid lock-in to a specific hypervisor, cloud vendor or piece of hardware
  • Efficient migration: Real-time migration with minimal downtime
  • Non-disruptive testing: Ability to test target before cutover
  • Simple, low-impact process: Streamlined, automated migrations from a central console
  • Secure: Data is encrypted as it passes over the wire
Iron Cloud Migrate
The simplicity and repeatability of Iron Cloud Migrate enables IT to switch platforms — including to, from and between public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud — without impacting system availability.
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Why Iron Cloud + Carbonite?

Iron Mountain’s heritage of trust protecting and preserving valuable customer data combined with Carbonite’s innovative solutions and award winning support allow us to offer a suite of best in breed, enhanced data protection services and solutions.
  • Industry leaders in data protection
  • Secure, global footprint
  • 5 years global alliance partnership
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