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When you live in a hybrid world of paper and electronic information without a unified view of your information, you and your employees spend precious time searching for what you need. When you do find the information you need, if it’s in paper format, you still can’t easily access or quickly share with others, especially your remote workforce.

Through a combination of Iron Mountain’s document scanning expertise, infrastructure and a modern, secure cloud storage repository, Iron Mountain Document Scanning and Digital Storage services enable you to take the first step on your digital transformation journey. We can help you prioritise and achieve your goals through a series of Backfile Conversion and Day Forward Scanning programs. You can even have your inbound physical mail redirected to our secure facilities, and our team of experts will receive, open and scan your mail.

Your scanning will be done by the provider that you already trust with your paper documents and can help you manage the entire information lifecycle for both physical and digital information. You’ll be able to centrally access your information, free up valuable workspace and make handling of your information & its usage much easier.

If you want leadership to invest IN digitisation, you have to provide measurable proof of the value of your efforts.

Scroll over each box & learn what to ask to calculate your organisation’s return on (digital) investment.


With Document Scanning & Digital Storage services you’ll be able to:

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Free up space

Leverage Iron Mountain scanning experts, processes and infrastructure to convert physical documents taking up valuable space to digital.

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Securely protect your information

Your electronic information will be encrypted at rest, and during transmission across a secure network with access restricted by encryption keys. Role-based permissions enable authorized users to access only the information that they need.
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Centralise access*

You can ingest documents from other locations, such as other cloud repositories, enterprise content management systems (ECMs) and file shares, to centrally store scanned and digitally born documents for enhanced visibility, connection and access.
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Quickly Search*

Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the contents of your documents will be completely searchable by text or index, available for many file types and in 50+ languages
*available for InSight® Essential Edition


You can count on Iron Mountain scanning experts who have the experience, processes and infrastructure to scan, index and ensure quality control to meet your requirements. See below for a closer look at how you can get better visibility into your information:

Document Scanning and Digital Storage

Document Scanning & Digital Storage services

woman scanning iron mountain documents with insight on screen

Image on Demand

Scan your documents stored in an Iron Mountain Record Centre on an as-needed basis
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InSight Essential Edition

Capture, store and access your content in a secure cloud repository
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Content Services Platform

Make better business decisions using insights from advanced machine learning-based classification and analytics

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